Support Us

There are many ways you can help us be more effective in our work:

  • Consider making a donation to D.O.G.S. Committee. We are a new organization with no source of income except private donations. All funds go directly to supporting the work that the D.O.G.S. Committee does, including printing of information materials. D.O.G.S. Committee is fighting for all responsible dog owners. Many personal hours are going into this lobby. Financial support is crucial.
  • Get involved by attending regular meeting of the committee.
  • Get involved on a working group. We welcome assistance from people who might like to get more involved with our efforts. If you have 1 to 2 hours a month and want to help with our lobbying and education initiatives, please contact us.
  • Take the time to call and write politicians and the media stating your needs for access, and your interest in progressive animal policy.
  • Pass the word on to other dog owners about the Dogs Off-Leash in Greater Sudbury. Direct people to our website so they can join our committee. Membership is free.
  • Always, always, always pick up after your dog. Most dog owners do this but a few do not, or worse, pick up but leave the bag or throw it in the bush. Sadly, some will never conform but the rest of us can help. If you see someone neglecting to pick up, please speak up and offer a bag. If you come across bag left behind, please pick it up and discard it with your own.
  • Support dog friendly businesses