Report an Issue About the Dog Park

If you need to report an issue re the dog park facilities, you can contact the City of Greater Sudbury. This includes required repairs and situations that are physically unsafe. While members of the dog park executive committee and other volunteers may do small maintenance jobs and help keep the park beautiful and clean, it is the City’s responsibility to ensure that the premises are safe and secure.

Use the City’s 311 line so your issue is directed to the appropriate department.

You can also use the form on our Contact Us page and we will contact the City on your behalf to try to expedite a resolution. Or you can send us an email and attach a picture of the issue; this is very helpful to both us and the City when trying to work on a resolution.

Issues With Other Dog Park Users

Dog park users have the right to expect that all users follow posted laws, regulations and etiquette guidelines. This is our dog park, so we need to all work together, respect each other, and ensure that everyone can safely and comfortably use the park.

If someone contravenes the City of Greater Sudbury’s by-laws, you can choose to report the issue to the City of Greater Sudbury. As with park facilities issues, use the City’s 311 line. The City’s Municipal By-Law and Animal Control Officers are the only ones who have the authority to enforce the laws and regulations of the park.

You may also choose to approach the individual and speak to them about the issue. In many cases, the individual may not be aware of any infraction, or may not think there is a problem.

If you chose to approach someone about an infraction, here are some tips on how to deal with the situation.

Be Polite

Politely inform them that perhaps they need to correct their dog’s behaviour or that they, the owner, should help out to keep the park clean and safe – for example, offer to provide them with a poop and scoop bag, or tell them where they are located. Offer to provide advice or guidance regarding good and bad play.

Take Notes

Keep a notebook handy when you visit the dog park. It’s useful for jotting down notes if you notice something amiss, including a license plate number if necessary.

Take Pictures/Video

Most cell phones now have cameras and video capability. Use your phone to record proof of an issue.

Call the Authorities

If the situation escalates, or for emergencies and criminal offences (example: someone inciting or allowing their dog to attack another human or animal) call 9-1-1.