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We’re on our way to making the City of Greater Sudbury’s first off-leash dog park a reality, but there’s still work to be done. The next step in making the off-leash dog park a success is establishing a Neighbourhood Association for the Minnow Lake Dog Park.


Becoming a Member

If you believe in promoting responsible dog ownership and want to make the Minnow Lake Dog Park a true success getting involved of the Neighbourhood Association is a must!  Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to:


  • Contribute to an organization that is working towards common goals for dogs and their companions in the community;
  • Participate in group outings and social events with other members of the association – a great way to meet canine-minded people and to improve your dog’s social skills;
  • Make a difference by providing the right to vote at meetings – an opportunity to speak your mind and shape events;
  • Seek even a greater say in the association’s goals as an elected member of the executive; 
  • Receive direct communications about meetings, events and the dog park.


What is a Park or Neighbourhood Association?

Throughout cities, Parks often have Park Associations or Neighbourhood Associations, which brings together a group of residents or users who advocate for or organize activities within the community Park.  They work together for changes and improvements such as park safety, beautification and social activities.  They reinforce rules and regulations through education.  .


Does Sudbury have Neighbourhood Associations?

Yes. In the City of Greater Sudbury, Neighbourhood Associations are involved with a variety of programs, activities and special events including community clean-ups, winter carnivals, outdoor rinks and facilities.  Many Neighbourhood Associations sponsor facility improvements through fundraising initiatives.  Most importantly, Neighbourhood Associations develop a sense of community and encouragement healthy lifestyles for residents of all ages.


Do we have a Neighbourhood Association for the Dog Park?

No.  Although the discussions have begun with the city, we need community residents and users to steps forward in becoming active members and maybe volunteer on one of the possible committees or as a board member of the Association.  Our hope is to gather enough community interest and volunteers to create a Neighbourhood Association for the Minnow Lake Dog Park.

We need Dog Owners, Supporters and Friends of small and large breeds to ensure that the Minnow Lake Dog Park continues to meet the needs of all users. 



If you would be interested in becoming a member of the future Neighbourhood Association for the Minnow Lake Dog Park, or interested in becoming a board member, please email us your contact information.