In Memoriam


Planting a tree as a pet memorial is a very special way to provide a living and long lasting legacy of a loving companion.

People and dogs have always enjoyed a close relationship with trees.  They provide food, shelter, protection, and enjoyment.  And, when planted with purpose, trees can provide meaning and comfort for years to come.

Planting a tree in memory of our long loved and loyal family dog reinforces the feeling that this faithful friend will not be forgotten.  It is a renewing of life, living in a nature freedom, growing into a long lasting remembrance.

Memorial trees can be planted by the owner or as a gift to the grieving family.  A tree is a wonderful tribute that lasts generations.  A loyal and loving furry friend deserves nothing less.

If you would like to make a donation of a tree in memory of a lost love one, please complete the Donation Form (Word) (PDF). – coming soon.