Dog Park Complaints

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What to Do When Someone Breaks the Rules

People break City of Greater Sudbury’s dog by-laws for several reasons.  Maybe they just don’t know any better and didn’t catch everything on the information signs.  Maybe they think that the whole dog park thing is nonsense and that their dog isn’t doing any harm.  Maybe they just don’t care about other people and think their dog can do as it likes.  The thing is, you usually don’t know why.

Since we want to encourage people to think positively when issues arise concerning Greater Sudbury’s dog off-leash areas, here are some tips on how to approach people:

Be Polite
Many people are thrown off their stride when someone politely informs them that their dog is harassing others or cheerily hands them a bag to pick up their dog’s waste.  Even if the reception is less than gallant, being polite diffuses the situation and places the focus squarely on the misbehaving owner.

Take Notes
Keep a notebook handy when you visit the dog park.  It’s useful for jotting down notes if you notice something amiss, not to mention the license plate number of someone who tries to flee the scene.

Take Pictures/Video
Many cell phones these days have cameras and video capability.  Use it in a pinch to record evidence of someone abusing the park rules.  Video isn’t just good for the picture; it can pick up conversations that can also be used to convict someone of irresponsibility towards their dog.

Call the Authorities
For emergencies and criminal offences (example: someone inciting or allowing their dog to attack another human or animal) call 9-1-1.